A Modern Modality of the Ancient World

Clinical Alchemy is a link in the golden chain of traditional eastern and western alchemy.  The holistic healing modality that is traditional alchemy was founded many thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, India, and China. 

They recognized that plants, minerals and animals are all connected to the planets in unique ways. With plants and minerals they found that each one has a particular planet that it is connected to. Further they observed that our systems of constitution were directly connected to and impacted by these planetary forces. 


In order to live balanced lives in harmony with these cosmic forces of nature they created alchemically made formulas such as Spagyrics and Aromatics derived from the corresponding three kingdoms of nature. These alchemically made essences support us throughout our life by diminishing or supporting the effects the planets and yearly cycles have upon our individual constitution. 


Planetary formulas for every planetary body type

 The planets have subtle effects upon us throughout our entire life. These cosmic forces alter our physiology as well as our perceptual experiences of life.  Further each planet rules over specific organ systems, bodily functions, as well as the functions of plants and minerals. Thus we look to the celestial bodies to find the keys to unlocking our unique physiological strengths and weaknesses. 



Spagyric Elixirs are naturally sweet and delicious. Subtle planetary forces are imbibed into them during the spagyric making process. They also contain Nano Collodal Gold and Nano Collodal Silica from the Mineral and Gem kingdoms making them true alchemical elixirs of unparalleled bio availability.


Spagyric Essences support and harmonize our body, mind, and spirit. The presence of the plants' cell salts make the essence 30 times more bioavailable than a tincture. The speed of delivery and potency of our undiluted Spagyric essences is felt immediately, soothing and supporting us on our cosmic journey through time and space.


Clinical Alchemy Training Program


Clinical Alchemy is accepting students who are ready to dive deep into the ancient mysteries of this powerful healing modality. During this course you will learn the foundational tools to assist people through illnesses and issues common to our modern age while supporting their spiritual evolution. 

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