I formulated Clinical Alchemy into a functional modern healing modality to promote healing and longevity, and as a road map for other practitioners and individuals to follow.  

I constructed it from my 20 plus years of experience applying integrative botanical formulas and aromatics for holistic health and inner balance.  

I studied Holistic Integrative medicine at UNM. I received my master herbalist training at CSHS in forestville, CA.  I learned botanical extraction and the application of those extracts within the framework of Traditional Alchemy from the master alchemists at al-kemi arts.

In my practice as a clinical alchemist I specialize in all aspects of women’s health, balancing the endocrine, limbic, and hormonal systems, maternity, and pre-post menopause. I also work extensively with healing anxiety, grief, and restoring emotional stability after periods of stress and trauma.  

I create custom protocols for synchronizing an individual's constitution to the cosmic rhythms of the planets while increasing their awareness of the connections between body, mind and spirit.  

The form and structure of Clinical Alchemy was formed with two objectives.  

First to help other women with hormonal imbalances and offer them the power to heal themselves.  

Second is to teach and sustain the alchemical arts for the welfare of all through the holistic healing modality of Clinical Alchemy.


Sarah Akala

You can call 855-202-9035 to book a consultation with me.