About Spagyric Essences

Blue Lotus Spagyric Tincture is the most powerful blue lotus extract available anywhere in the world

Spagyrics are glorious gifts from the ancient Egyptian alchemists who created them. They hold subtle planetary forces within them, captured during the extraction process. They work on each persons unique constitution through the system of planetary correspondence. These alchemically made planetary essences nurture & support our physical & energetic bodies on all levels. They can be treated as a cosmic daily supplement.


Every stage of making a Spagyric is performed according to proper planetary timings, which imbibes the extract with subtle celestial energies & knowledge. The plants' essence is extracted with modern laboratory glass, this process enables us to supercede the alcohol saturation point, producing powerfully potent extracts with unparalleled speed of delivery & effectiveness. This increase in potency allows for micro doses of 3-9 drops, which is equivalent to many droppers full of tincture.

Making cell salts is an alchemical secret which can be learned through our alchemy classes.

During the spagyric making process the herbal matter is incinerated to obtain the cellular salts or crystal/mineral component of the plant. The cell salts are then recombined with the extract to create a Spagyric. Alchemical Salts are considered the body of the plant, delivering nourishing minerals unique to the plant. In the same way that crystals work to convey information, the presence of the plants crystal matrix (cell salts) in the finished essence allows it to more readily enter the bloodstream & communicate with the body more directly, which makes them 30 times more bio-available than any other herbal extract.