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2019 Fall Clinical Alchemist Training

      Clinical Alchemy is pleased to be offering a full comprehensive 1000 hour training course in the clinical application of traditional alchemy. Clinical Alchemy school is accepting 42 students who are ready to dive deep into the ancient mysteries of this powerful tradition. During this course you will learn the foundational tools to assist people through illnesses and issues common to our modern age with the ancient tools of alchemy. Students will receive the profound alchemical wisdom of the ancients to further their spiritual evolution in the framework of this powerful healing modality steeped in magic and mystery.

     We will unveil the profound spiritual and cosmic principles that hold sway over the human body, learning to see these connections within ourselves and our patients through the use of planetary physiology. 

     The clinical alchemy training courses is a 9 month course with live classes biweekly; students will be able to watch at their convenience. Each biweekly block will have a live  two hour lesson where students can ask questions and participate in each lesson in real time. We will have 20 hours of homework per lesson that will include reading, charting, self discovery exercises, and meditations to build your inner alchemical evolution and knowledge base for your practice. Lessons will cover the principles of clinical alchemy as well as the tools needed to work as a Clinical Alchemist. This is a hands on course with direct access to the instructor through email and FaceTime. You will receive personal support throughout your learning process ensuring you are able to utilize the tools given to you when you complete your training.

     By the end of your training you will be sufficiently capable and empowered to see clients in your practice using the methods of clinical alchemy.  This training will instill a working knowledge of alchemical theory and practice, as well as how to use planetary herbal and mineral formulas unique to the alchemical tradition. This will cover a vast materia medica incorporating spagyric essences, spagyric elixirs, essential oils and much more. Each student will receive a certificate of completion, having completed 1000 hours of Clinical Alchemy training.

Course syllabus

       This course will be broken up into 3 trimesters each lasting 3 months each. Live classes begin every new and full moon with one additional class per semester making three sets of seven classes for a total of 21 lessons. The course will be structured to have a 2  hour live streaming class per lesson with additional study materials and reading assignments. If you are unable to tune in live,  you will receive a recorded lesson and homework to complete as well as a quiz and writing assignment for each lesson.  Assignments will be due before the start of  the next lesson.

    We will offer students 30% off all our Clinical Alchemy products to help give them the opportunity to try many different formulas.  Each student will receive 50% off  a personal consultation so they can experience the evolutionary healing of this modality firsthand.

First Trimester 

       The first trimester will form the basic principle pillars of your alchemical knowledge for your practice. During this portion you will cultivate a living relationship with the elements and the three kingdoms of nature (plant, animal, mineral); enabling you to begin to sync your inherent rhythm with that of the cosmos through practical meditations and spiritual exercises. Enhancing your ability to work alchemically and aid in the evolution of your own consciousness. These assigned spiritual lessons will expand your alchemical awareness in a hands on way increasing your psychic abilities and sharpening your intuition for diagnosis. 

    Students will receive an alchemy kit containing planetary spagyric formulas, to be taken during planetary hours, days  and heavenly shifts. This will provide you with personal experience and working knowledge of how to administer alchemical formulas and a chance to experience first hand the healing power of these amazing extractions.  

      Other first trimester fundamentals will include how to use elemental body type analysis and the application of proper diet, specific foods, herbs and lifestyle for each elemental type. We will learn how to identify the elements in your clients by facial and body analysis and get a simple questionnaire you can use to gain insight into their elemental constitution.

We will share recipes for food and lifestyle protocols that will enhance your health for yourself and your clients. We will learn to further separate  the elements into degrees and how this knowledge will help you have a strong understanding of herbs and the ability to pair proper alchemical medicines for each person elemental body type. 

We will be working with the alchemical principles of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury which equate to the physical body, subtle body and soul. We use this to identify where in the body a disease or disturbance is located, and how to treat each layer of the being. This also applies to the constitution of your patients, and we will help you use this information to identify the best path for harmonizing them holistically. We will be learning to chart the planetary rulership of the three layers of the body for yourself and your clients; which will assist in furthering your ability to find the best lifestyle, spiritual practices, and medicines to assist them to their highest potential.

First trimester lessons:

  • Introduction to Traditional Alchemy and Clinical Alchemy 
  • The Elements and how to identify them in the body
  • The Alchemical principles of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury in the world around us
  • The kingdoms of nature Plant, Animal, and Mineral and the ethics of the alchemist
  • Macro and Micro how to view the world through the eyes of the Alchemist with more about the elements the body and alchemical lifestyle protocols
  • The Medicines of Alchemy from around the world 
  • Introduction to the Planets and how we use their wisdom in Clinical Alchemy and charting a planet for Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury 

Second Trimester

      In the second trimester we will form a strong foundation and working knowledge of the three alchemical principles of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury, the elements along with alchemical astrology and how to apply it. Topics covered in this portion include - planetary energetics and their unique effects upon human physiology, deciphering basic astrology charts and cycles for your patients. Learning to identify the processes and diseases of each organ system in the planetary format, why and where these issues manifest, whether it be on the physical, energetic or karmic/soul level. Personal study will include working with the energies of each planet using mantras, yantra sigils, and more to cultivate a deep relationship w ith each planetary being.

    We will explore together the working understanding of the eastern Alchemical Kalachakra system; the fundamentals of medical astrology, the western alchemical planetary day cycles and the 52 day cycles of the year into a clinical understanding of physiology through cosmic correspence. We will learn how to chart an individual's placement within the cycles and their planetary constitution. This portion of the course will cover how to find planetary weakness and strengths and how to support the organ systems. We will be covering the application of breathing techniques (pranayama) to harmonize the nervous system and homeostasis. 

Second Trimester lessons:

  • The Sun/The immune system and learning the 7 day cycles of the planets and the energies of the week 
  • The Moon/The endocrine system, mind and emotions and using planetary hours for medicines
  • Mercury and the lungs and the nervous system
  • Venus/ The urogenital system, skin and  self love practices
  • Mars theVascular system, blood and Liver and using its energy to harness wellness
  • Jupiter the processes of digestion, metabolism, and the nature of expansion
  • Saturn the Skeletal system, life, death, and the deeper karmic life lessons of the soul, and beyond

Third trimester:

    During this portion of the training you will begin to apply what you have learned in the previous lessons and begin applying the extensive materia medica of planetary medicine. Seven to ten herbs and various extraction types will be covered each week including spagyric essences, essential oils, and minerals that correspond with each planet, the elements, and the three alchemical principles of Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. We will begin to tie together what we learned in our physiology units and apply alchemical medicines to promote wellness, and heal specific health issues. You will integrate what you have learned into a clinical practice through working with a friend, family member or client.

   We will look at each plant in depth and learn about its medicinal properties and pharmacology as well as its energetic and spiritual components. We will apply this knowledge to gain balance and optimal wellness for you and your clients. During the planetary herbalism units we will expand upon our understanding of medical astrology and the ability to apply it in a clinical practice by learning to choose the correct herbal formulas and alchemical medicines including lessons in blending oils and spaygerics.

Third trimester lessons

  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of the Sun and the application of herbs for soul conditions
  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of the Moon and gaining intuition with plant medicines
  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of Mercury and creating custom blends
  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of Venus and alchemical perfumes to enhance the beauty and creativity 
  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of Mars and elemental plant theory
  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of Jupiter and how to find the optimal herbs for your patients through drop testing
  • The healing herbs, oils, and minerals of Saturn and working with medicines to heal karmic issues and illness born of the planets

The full cost of the course is $5,000 USD. We are offering a payment plan as well as a $500 dollar discount for those who pay in full.  Please contact me with any questions and to register for the course at (855) 202-9035

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