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Clinical Alchemy is modern holistic healing modality rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional alchemy.  It blends the three ancient schools of eastern and western Alchemical Medicine.   Clinical Alchemy promotes healing and longevity through the application of integrative botanical and mineral formulas which support inner and outer radiance by revitalizing and restoring harmony throughout our entire body, mind, and life. 

Clinical alchemy utilizes a unique medical astrology system, which reveals the mysterious connection between the heavenly bodies and ourselves.  This ancient astrological system charts our elemental composition in connection to our physiology, clarifying our personal, physical, and spiritual journey. We also look at the year in 52 day cycles, and create alchemical protocols for the planetary energies dominating our chart at those times. These processes advance our inner growth and personal goals, further synchronizing our bodies to the healthy cosmic rhythms of the planets, while dispelling negative ones.  This journey of attunement with the pulse of the cosmos increases our awareness and psychic perception, helping to advance our evolution as a spirit. 

Clinical Alchemy specialize in all aspects of mens and women’s health, balancing the endocrine, limbic, and hormonal systems, maternity, and pre-post menopause, stress relief, releasing grief, and restoring emotional stability after periods of upheaval and trauma. 

The Spagyric extracts and Aromatics used in clinical alchemy are alchemically extracted aromatics. These essences are extracted and distilled in laboratory glass in accordance with the proper planetary timing for each herb. This captures and concentrates these subtle celestial energies into these unique and unparalleled extracts. These essences have profound healing properties and powerful actions on the physical body, subtle body and mind. They support meditation, yoga and ceremonial living, and bring restorative balance and healing to the entire physical body.

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Clinical Alchemy Session

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These sessions are specifically designed to bring your inner universe into alignment, and sync it with the pulse of the cosmos for greater awareness, health, and vitality!